The Red Bell Rebellion Tour

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A. Our Red Bell Rebellion Tour Starts at McCarren airport where Neil 1st landed in Las Vegas.

B. Next we stop at the quail Ridge apartments he saw on the bus to Downtown LVNV where he jumped off and rented a studio unit soon Article28 was born.

C. Our next stop takes us to JPM Chase offices (formerly known as BANK1) where he once worked and made his first run for office.

D. Then the first house he ever owned and launched his 2002 Nevada 3rd Congressional bid.. Bought in 2001 and sold in 2007 it financed his move to Washington D.C. to lobby for Article28.

E. Then We get submerged at Christ Church Episcopal in Las Vegas where Neil got baptized.

F. Finally our tour ends at Gordon Biersch Neilís modern day pub of our founding fathers. Here you can enjoy exciting refreshing beverages and political conversation and lovely company while you await transportation to your Las Vegas destination.

You may exit the tour at this destination or take the bus on its return trip to the airport just 5 min. away. Notify staff prior to boarding.

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