Section 4. Each year Congress shall tax individuals and products from countries where the government is not freely and fairly elected at no less than 100%.

One of the complaints received about this section is that it will tax the poor fleeing tyrannical governments. Come on people let's try to use some common sense here. This section is to target the tyrants and their captains of industry and government. Surely we would not be targeting a Christian Chinese waiter fleeing persecution by his government.

Now with regards to trade it is best to use this metaphor "FREE TRADE FOR FREE PEOPLE". So treaties our friends would remain intact (e.g. N.A.F.T.A.). However when it comes to tyrants; once the Supreme Court has set the standard for "free and fair" then every year the House of Representatives would have to vote on which countries and people to (a) give a tax credit (b) let the 100% tax stand or (c) increase the tax.

Also diplomats (excluding treaties) , absolute kings and princesses, military personnel and industry leaders would be assessed for there tax liability in the same manner before they were issued a visa to enter the United States.

Regarding the UN if they object then they can pack up and go, or they can set up a mechanism to ensure that all the representatives at the UN are freely a nd fairly elected in their home country; or pay the tax.

This would ensure that in countries where free and fair practices are suppressed and not reflected in consumer or Qt prices then Congress would have to adjust prices for this difference with taxes.

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