Dear Friends and Family,


The recent economic slowdown tragic and painful as it maybe, is only a symptom of a more sinister disease many years in the making. Decades of gross mismanagement by our leaders in Washington D.C! Now as painful as the recession of 2007 proved tragically our leaders have failed to provide any solutions to the root causes because of their greed and the greed of special interests.


Meanwhile we the citizens are forced to watch as the greed and corruption goes unabated with no apparent solutions in sight. As a result our treasure is being squandered by Washington D.C. we live with financial fragility and our children and grandchildren face crippling financial hardships.


After long hoping that our leaders would solve the problem to no avail, I have come across an alternate solution to the problem. It can be found at and is as easy as signing the Article 28 online petition. It's that simple and it will let our leaders know, now and in the future, that we will no longer tolerate this corruption and economic mismanagement. After taking a close look at the petition and the goals of Article 28, I have signed the petition and would like to invite you to sign it also.  So please visit the petition section of Article 28 at and sign the petition.


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Thank You