Rollo Bill


Rollo Bill (with sassy sidekick Butterfly Sweetness) is a kids super hero cartoon character that goes around helping children of parents who are financially troubled and or getting divorced. His secret identity is Benjamin Joe. Rollo Bill/Ben Joe was once imprisoned by the I.R.S. but freed himself with the Article 28 amendment to the constitution. Since then he uses the Article 28 Constitution to prevent the evil I.R.S. from destroying families.

His main enemy is the I.R.S agents known as Mosquitirs (A.K.A. The labormongers) are a blood sucking half mosquito half human creature and they (the mosqutirs) spawn from a steel mesh secret hive located in a slimmy swampy marsh named FOGGY BOTTOM. When the mosquitirs attack a family and the children are in distress Rollo Bill can sense the kids stress. He jumps into action and attacks the mosquitirs with a magic parchment and iron gall ink, made from oak galls and a mixture of dye and other magical ingredients.

Rollo Bill yells ""WE THE PEOPLE" and the parchment appears, seeks out the mosquitirs and stretches to encapsulate them and then slowly collapses until they disappear. He then leaves the kids with a copy of the A28 constitution and guarantees that they will never have to fear the I.R.S. again.

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