Free Eve Project

Here is the paper I wrote for my entry into the Global Challenge. It is called Free Eve.


The Task




The model is based on a post Article 28 U.S. Constitution.

Established in 1999 ARTICLE 28 is a Grass Roots Movement dedicated to achieving the following objectives. Its MISSION is to get people elected to State and National legislative offices in the United States who will implement the following change to the Constitution of the United States of America.



Section 1. Congress may levy no tax against a person's labor or business income.

Section 2. Congress will establish a national bank. Deposits to and withdrawals from the national bank shall not be taxed. The national bank shall only lend and or invest with governments of the United States.

Section 3. Congress may make no law prescribing compensation to person or entity. No State shall abridge a persons right to collectively bargain, Congress shall enforce this provision.

Section 4. Each year Congress will, tax individuals and products from countries where the government is not freely and fairly elected at no less than 100%.

Section 5. All States and Congress shall tax religion. With this section when State law and article 1 of amendments to the constitution are in conflict; State law trumps article 1.

Section 6. Abortion is Sin.


For this challenge I shall mostly focus on sections 1, 2 and 6 as they are most relevant to the objective and I will include other sections if necessary.


Following the passage of Article 28 it should be the policy of the United States to buy every woman in the world.


Following this policy “the participant must design a governance model able to effectively address the most pressing threats and risks to humanity.”


Description of the Model

Once the policy has been set it then becomes fairly easy to put the model in place. We will use 3 phases for this model (triage, target and tactics) and then conclude the paper.



How the parameters for the women is set.

Since the most useful child bearing age for women is 13-32 years this would be the most important criteria. Then she must be physically and mentally able to consent to procreation. Then a price has to be agreed on (for example we will pay up to $500.00 per unit)

Next it would be necessary to allocate our resources, in order not to shock the system the following criteria could be used in order of importance

1) national defense

2) poverty elimination

3) environment degradation

4) friends and allies

After triage target will look at examples targeting the necessary demographic could be applied to the triage criteria’s.



Example a.

If it was determined that the Israeli Palestinian issue was the most important security issue. We could then say since Israel is our ally their women can come here between ages13-32 and follow the procedure to becoming citizens of the U.S. The Palestinians on the other hand will need some help but the same rules would apply. However we then would pay the carrier $500.00 for each unit delivered (child birth citizenship is by registered carrier).

Example b.

We could for example buy all the N. Korean women 13-32 but pay the Chinese military $200.00 per unit and $200.00 to the N. Korean military and they decide on the $100.00 split. And since China already has a large anchor baby population in the U.S. we will open up the privilege to the wife of all Chinese military members.

Example c.

In other scenario one could stagger the purchases along age lines say 18 to 32 for 2 years then 13-17. Or it could be by geographic location. Say it were Russia you could start purchasing women going from east to west and pay the Duma accordingly.

So you can see the purchases can be arranged in an orderly fashion to control intake, other countries can be arranged in importance later e.g. Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and so on.

So how does this global structure and meet the challenges goals and how Article 28 is related.

The final objective in Article 28 Section 6

“But perhaps the most important aspect of this position is that as more and more women have citizen children then the U.S. should become the largest exporter of labor who have their domicile government as their primary form, and the Article28 Constitution as their secondary form (the womb ... subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States). And all citizens are guaranteed that their labor no matter where they reside is secured from a tyrannical congress, but their wealth at home is guaranteed.”


Article 28 Section. 6 would thus bring the womb under the jurisdiction of the US congress and this ties into the 14 Amendment to the Constitution.


Section 1, Clause 1, of the Fourteenth Amendment, reads:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.


Once these women become citizens of the United States then citizenship becomes by birth a.k.a. "A woman's inherent right to citizenship "and these women are free to go back to their domicile governments or stay here.


Article 28 section .6 “This section would also secure what is called "A woman's inherent right to citizenship". Meaning once this amendment is passed every child of an American woman born outside the United States would automatically be granted citizenship. This right would extend to all future generations of girls, however for boys citizenship would be guaranteed to the first generation only.”



In order to implement this policy in a moral and legal manner let’s look at Article 28 Section. 1. This section bans a federal tax on labor hence this and other amendments ban slavery. Article 28 Section. 3) Guarantees collective bargaining there by maximizing the marginal utility of labor


Article 28 Section 2 guarantees these women the presumption of wealth. And Section 6 ensures it is forever inherited. So now the question is how to pay for it? Well section 1 and 2 weigh out the propensity for man to consume more than he produces by creating a wealth subsidy. They act in concert to create and create the U.S. Pure rate of return. Section 2 ensures there are no taxes withheld on any government instruments that follow the U.S. taxing authority. Also anyone, institutional investor or common folk can purchase an account for these instruments knowing the government cannot tax their labor (section. 1) giving the market an alternative to taxes in the form of savings (deferred consumption)


Now how to pay for it is simple see Article 28 Taxes, businesses…


This model would tax businesses using a sales tax rather than business profits. The model would look somewhat like this:

For businesses with over 20 employees then

1. If employee gender demographic is not equal to the average gender demographic of your county and all adjoining counties combined, per the US census then add 5%

2. If employee racial demographic is not equal to the average racial demographic of your county and all adjoining counties combined, per the US census then add 10%

3. If less than 100% of employees are honorable discharged veterans then add 10%


As you can see these taxes answer one of the most complex issues. Where to put all these women? I would propose the military with a few changes. For example separate gender basic training but a unified command (you want the most efficient women killers). Those that don’t make in the military can go into the labor market governed by Article 28 section 3 thru 5. As you can see taxes can be adjusted to meet supply and demand for many socio-economic demographics. Also in the military you can implement public policy where the pill is mandatory and pay for it (say as part of rations). Now that you have trained the most effective female combat force you can now fully integrate them in combat under a unified command.


Finally with so many imported women some elements will want to take advantage of them. That is why congress would have a compelling state interest for those women who enter the adult entertainment fields of the labor market (i.e. prostitution, stripping, pornography) they can set the default on their labor contract read union-yes for this group


Also any free-trade agreements could also have to meet some basic requirements. Is there Adult universal suffrage, is there a Tax on labor, is there the presumption of wealth, and is there abortion. The elected branches can vie for the parameters of each section but it is the court in the end that will provide stability in ensuring trade is free and fair.



As for the men from all other countries we would ban then all more aptly put all immigration into the U.S., unless for example they posted a $5 million cash bond to insure they did not harm Americans and provide an incentive to fix their domicile country.

Assessment criteria


In closing if anyone thinks they can solve the problems of this planet with the current debt driven economy they are fools. So Article 28 transforms the United States into a wealth engine. As more nations adapt compatible Article 28 legislation they too create wealth and begin to create a saving economy. We can then move on to tackle the more pressing problems e.g. global warming. Also if other partners who share our values like the E.U. abolished the labor tax and abortion they would be there and can assist in purchase the women in the world.

As you can see a post Article 28 constitution addresses the global challenges by.


Firstly: triaging the problems as they relate to the United States.

Secondly: it then targets the segment of the labor force necessary to solve the problems.

Thirdly: it then uses the tactic of wealth creation domestically and exporting the target labor force to solve the problems. Article 28 also envisions other nations adapting similar rules.

Finally Article 28 ensures the targeted labor force most basic property right (labor) is protected and the unit can protect this right here and abroad via military training or collective bargaining. The expansion thus ensures that the planet begins to move from a deficit spending unit to a surplus spending unit and global challenges can begin to be solved.

Thanks Panel for the questions relating to


Questions posed by scholars in response to the Free Eve Project Paper.

Question 1. How would you get the women to go back r home?.

Question 2.How can you buy all the women in the world?.

Question3. This sounds like ISIS, how is this different?.

Question4. This paper sounds misogynistic, why?.

In closing: Every mother in the world wants her daughter to grow up to be President of the United States. Yes she can.



Article 28.,

Article 28 Section 1.

Article 28 Section 2.

Article 28 Section 3.

Article 28 Section 4.

Article 28 Section 5.

Article 28 Section 6.

Article 28 taxes business.